Dashboards that Wow Your Target Audience

If you're looking for a tailor-made dashboard that wows your target audience, look no further!

The difficulty in selling software products is often to convince potential customers of the “inner values” of the respective software.

How do you explain the sophisticated algorithm in the background to non-technicians that sets you apart from the competition? Or how can the wide range of functions be communicated clearly and convincingly in just a few words? To be honest, you won't get very far here with just words, PowerPoint presentations and graphics. What is really needed to trigger that certain wow factor with customers is a tailor-made dashboard.

I have specialized in supporting software providers in the design and development of individual dashboards and data visualizations.

Screenshot Dashboard mit Line Chart und Dot Plot
Screenshot OEE Dashboard
Screenshot Teamvergleich

Below you find more about how I can help you, some past projects, how to get in touch and finally about me.


Dashboard Audit

In an audit, I take a close look at your existing dashboard and work out a concrete improvement list in a 4-phase system. This will be discussed in a joint workshop and recorded in a report for implementation by your in-house development team.

The dashboard audit package is available at a fixed price of 359 euros excluding VAT. Get in touch →

Dashboard Development Lead

As a dashboard development lead, I support your team from the design phase till implementation to ensure that an aesthetically pleasing dashboard is created that inspires your customers not only in the first moment, but also in daily practice.

With a fresh look from the outside, I collect the requirements and show options using examples and hand-drawn sketches. The design I created with Inkscape then serves as the guideline for the development team. During the implementation phase, I am available as a sparring partner for technical questions (e.g. front-end architecture) and, depending on the project, I help to develop the implementation as well.

Dashboard Development Lead starts at 2500 euros excluding VAT. Get in touch →

Custom Chart Development

Do you need a tailor-made chart that is not covered by the library you use? Are you looking for occasional support with the maintenance and further development of D3.js code? Or would you rather like to use your engineering resources to develop the core functionality instead of spending time learning yet another charting library?

In all cases, I can count on a lot of experience with D3.js and several declarative libraries such as Plotly.js (Contributor) and amCharts.

I am happy to answer questions about my hourly rate, availability and other matters. Get in touch →



Preview screenshot of Scattr, an online tool for creating Scattr plots on the web

Online tool for creating interactive scatter plots on the web.

More Info »

OEE KPI Dashboard

Preview screenshot of OEE KPI dashboard for monitoring the efficiency of machines

Monitoring factory effectiveness with the OEE KPI.

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Preview screenshot of project teamvergleich.de

Interactive visualization of team statistics in football.

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Although in German, here are a few articles I published in the last few years.

Get in touch

If you are looking for a freelance front-end engineer with a special focus on building custom dashboards and data visualizations, I'd love to get in touch with you.

In that case, please drop me an email at robert [at] customdashboards.dev.

But before, you might want to know a little bit more about me.


Portrait Robert Möstl

My name is Robert Möstl, I live in Austria, and I've spent the last 15 years developing professional applications. In 2016, I started out as a freelancer focusing on designing and building dashboards and data visualizations.

You may know some of my past clients. In 2018, I had the pleasure of working on the plotly.js library. In 2017, I designed and helped to implement one of the first dashboards of Invenium Data Insights – a company whose technology played a significant role in fighting the Corona pandemic in Austria.

I use hand-drawn sketches and later Inkscape mockups to collaboratively design the future product experience. In development, my favorite tool is D3.js. Of course, custom dashboards and data visualizations must fit into the overall front-end architecture of your app. I've integrated custom D3.js charts (and other charting libraries) into React, Vue, Backbone, and Angular. Besides, I've developed a couple of Singe Page Applications myself in the past.

Of course, you hardly ever find the perfect match. But if this all sounds like the person you are looking for, I'd love to hear from you.

Portrait Étienne Tétreault-Pinard
"Robert is a real professional. His problem-solving and communication skills are A+. He knew how and when to ask the right questions. Working with him never felt like a hassle. The features Robert added are some of the best-tested features we have in the entire Plotly.js library."

— Étienne Tétreault-Pinard, Plotly.js Core Maintainer

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